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Hyning Scout Wood

Lots of ancient trees to hug yesterday in Hyning Scout Wood; beech, sweet chestnut, sycamore and oak.

00,006 Beech

Meanwhile, I've been looking at preserved lemons, atomisers, black milk, grey matter and a print of an aerial view of a cattle 'drain away' in Texas. The range seems eclectic but as a series of 'artefacts' these potential exhibits might represent an existence on the brink of conclusion. I imagine some sort of sealed white unit - 'an earth life museum' where the most arbitrary of organic fragments have been salvaged, 'something for all the family - see, hear, touch and smell.

The connection between cattle farming and climate change has been widely publicised recently, thanks to documentaries like Cowspiracy and Before the Flood. The mantra 'tree/human/cow' repeats in my head like an incantation - until I imagine cow hair and tree bark as one indistinguishable fibrous mass and we're in the middle of it, feeding off it.

The sheep and their lambs have gone; just this morning they were chewing the hawthorn hedge but by this evening the field was empty. A few sheep droppings scattered on the track- shitting with fright probably as they were herded onto the lorry.

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