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2021: lockdown stuff

The Hexting Project is now scripted:

Working with audio gave me a good excuse to get out walking, exploring the local footpaths and checking out the early plant appearances for future dye making. It was a good year for ivy berries - I‘ve picked and frozen a batch for later use. Bird song was everywhere - flooding the air with the sounds of spring. On a bright blustery day in a quiet corner of north Lancashire it’s easy to imagine there isn’t a climate crisis - that everything is just as it should be... the seasons shift and a new world is born over again as it always has. But in the news there are floods in Australia, ice melting in the Antarctic, HS2 is still trashing ancient woodland, I don’t have to look far to be reminded how grim it is outside my bubble.

I tackled a rampant patch of pendulous sedge that had taken over in a corner of the garden. Bunches are now hanging in the barn drying in prep for some serious rope making later on.

Pendulous sedge


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