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Autumn hues

I'd forgotten how gregarious Autumn can be - the last party before the quiet of winter. Last week I was in Wales and collected acorns and bracken for a dye workshop. Combined with rain water and heated for an hour they produced mild brownish tones. I also came back from a visit to Blackwell in Windermere with a bucket of cat-mint thanks to their gardener - this may or may not produce a yellow if I use an aluminium pan...

The smaller jar is a thick, tannin-rich acorn dye and mordant. I smashed them up a bit before boiling for approx. an hour in rain water. The larger demijohn is an experimental cat mint dye (I was hoping for a yellow) Results to follow

< Blackwell House.

Bracken dye - a bucket of bracken more green than brown with rain water, boiled for an hour and strained

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