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Lockdown has messed with my temporal universe; at first the days stretched out like a piece of elastic, endless hours spent exploring the burgeoning world unfurling on my doorstep. I collected stones from the beck, plants, seeds and leaves, the kitchen table disappearing beneath a mountain of special finds - jam jars filled with natural inks, feathers, bones, string, pebbles, broom flowers, maple leaves, dandelion heads...lost in the nature of ink, how it marks and stains, spreading out on the page like capillaries or root systems. How it reacted to vinegar or copper, rust, chalk, soap or other.

A rusty scraper head, beck pebbles and water, acorn ink and mold, gorse flower ink, comfrey ink.

gorse flower ink, Artle Beck stones, acorn ink.

Dock leaf, herb Robert, horse chestnut, Rose leaf, dandelion leaf, maiden's hair fern

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